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Last: 380.67,

High: 390.65,

Low: 376.20,

24hrs: 381.92,

Volume: 12093.62864545,

Bid: 380.67,

Ask: 381.30

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simon fraser university bitcoin machines atms

First University to Install Bitcoin ATM – Vancouver, Canada Campus

Simon Fraser University Bitcoin ATM Vancouver - SFU in Vancouver, Canada becomes the first major academic institution in the world to install bitcoin ATMs on campus. The ATMs, dubbed ...
bitcoin crashing

Alibaba IPO Responsible for Bitcoin Crash!

Alibaba IPO and Bitcoin Crash! If you have invested in bitcoin, you would have to be a fool to look at your bitcoin wallet and not scream ‘OMG, bitcoin has crashed;’ ...
paypal bitcoin

PayPal Service To Start Accepting Bitcoins Via Coinbase

Via eBay’s PayPal service will start accepting bitcoins, opening up the world’s second-biggest Internet payment network to virtual currency transactions. “We’re ...
bitcoin scam sites scammers

Bitcoin Scam Alert! List of Current Bitcoin Scams and Scammers

After falling for the latest bitcoin scam out there I am compelled to write about the number of bitcoin scams going on out there and the scammers behind them. My Story began in a Thursday ...
how to pay bitcoin taxes

Pay Bitcoin Taxes With LibraTax: The New Automatic Bitcoin Tax Filing Software

Bitcoin taxes made easy! One of the biggest challenges for bitcoin investors since bitcoin comes out of no where can created a bunch of bitcoin millionaires is how to handle taxes ...

Is Bitcoin Legal? Bitcoin’s Legal Status By Countries

Is bitcoin legal? This is one of the questions many bitcoin investors and potential investors are wrestling with on a daily basis. If you have heard about Bitcoin but are unfamiliar ...

Coinbase vs Btc-e vs BitStamp – Best Place to Buy Bitcoins

The upward Bitcoin trend is real and definitely here to stay. A lot of people all over the world are curious about this digital currency. If you are planning to invest in the bitcoin ...

Bitcoin Domain Name Sold For 1 Million Dollars USD!

Josh Garza of GAWMiners is now the brand new owner of the bitcoin domain name! Mr. Josh purchased the bitcoin domain name for a whooping $1 million dollars USD. No one really ...
shopjoy accepts bitcoins

Online Retailer ShopJoy introduces Bitcoin Payment Method

ShopJoy is an Australian online retailer that’s known for selling novelty and unique gifts which are perfect for any occasion. Along with smartphones and tablet computers, they also ...
what is a bitcoin wallet and how to get a btc wallet

What is a Bitcoin Wallet and How to Get a BTC Wallet?

We live in a world and age where people are eager to try new things and capitalize on what the technology has to offer. One of the most interesting and useful technological breakthroughs ...
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Bitcoin value - despite that bitcoin is a valuable currency, investors and bitoin enthusiasts still find it difficult to know its real worth. So, understanding its history really counts. When you start looking at any type of currency, you start looking at the history of the value of the currency. The same goes for Bitcoin. As Rob Lons, an investor in Bitcoin states, "I wanted to know more about the early days of bitcoins." In this regard, the Bitcoin historical price, Bitcoin value history and the Bitcoin dollar exchange rate history are something that becomes important.

When bitcoins first hit the market around five years ago, a single bitcoin value was not as attractive it is today! A bitcoin were purchased for less than a dollar a coin. A bitcoin now worths approximately $588.10 USD. Bitcoin historical value was as much as $1500 for 1 bitcoin in USD. Even in the current era of information technology, there was not much in the way of information regarding a single bitcoin value until the creation of bitcoin values .net.

Bitcoin value increases as bitcoin is mined. The less available the coins are, the more they can be exchanged for once they become available calculated by using a bitcoin exchange rate calculator. This also affects the overall value of the coins at any given stage. When we take all the above mentioned considerations into account, we realize that the bitcoin value history, bitcoin exchange rate history and the bitcoin historical price against USD and other currencies really matter.