Bitcoin Value (USD)

Real Time BTC Prices:

Last: 647.80,

High: 683.88,

Low: 601.00,

24hrs: 645.64,

Volume: 18701.14525364,

Bid: 647.83,

Ask: 647.95

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When bitcoins first hit the market around five years ago, a single bitcoin value was not as attractive it is today! A bitcoin were purchased for less than a dollar a coin. A bitcoin now worths approximately $588.10 USD. Bitcoin historical value was as much as $1500 for 1 bitcoin in USD. Even in the current era of information technology, there was not much in the way of information regarding a single bitcoin value until the creation of bitcoin values .net.

Bitcoin value increases as bitcoin is mined. The less available the coins are, the more they can be exchanged for once they become available calculated by using a bitcoin exchange rate calculator. This also affects the overall value of the coins at any given stage. When we take all the above mentioned considerations into account, we realize that the bitcoin value history, bitcoin exchange rate history and the bitcoin historical price against USD and other currencies really matter. Learn now to buy/sell/trade bitcoins online. If you already know that stuff and ready to buy, we highly recommend CoinMama. We worked something with them to give you 5% off using the bitcoin coupon code: 357DQ313.