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Australia Bitcoin Auction Bitcoin Market Reacts

$19M Worth Of BTC Goes Up For Auction In Australia; Bitcoin Market Reacts!

Australia should soon be dubbed the “bitcoin auction king” as $19 millions worth of BTC is now being sold in, what is expected to be, a highly contested public auction. ...
bitcoin hackers hollywood hospital

Hollywood Hospital Pays Hackers 40 Bitcoin Worth $17,000 To Release Computers

One of bitcoin’s greatest strength could also be its downfall as many politicians have already come forward asking for regulations. The cornerstone of the cryptocurency is the ...
Bitcoin textbook

First Ever Bitcoin Textbook Released By Princeton University – Free To Download

Princeton University is no stranger to bitcoin. The prestigious academic institution was one of the first to offer a class on bitcoin. As of today, they will be the first to offer ...
bitcoin phenomenon

Should You or Should You Not Invest in Bitcoins in 2016?

In the last few months, there has been an exponential rise in Bitcoin value. Many people were not aware of the whole concept of crypto currency until few months ago. However, with ...
cracking down on bitcoin europen union

European Countries Cracking Down on Bitcoin to Slow Terrorist Funding

Cracking Down on Bitcoin – Bitcoin just took another hit from the European Union. As it stands, the terrorist attacks on Paris last week claimed by ISIS prompted European officials ...

Final Silk Road Bitcoin Auction – Four Winners Walked Away with 44,000 Bitcoins Worth $14.6m

Silk Road Bitcoin Auction – The United State Marshals Service has just  announced that four winners will split the last set of bitcoins seized from Silk Road in December 2014. ...
bitcoin conference ghana africa

Ghana Holds Africa’s First Bitcoin Conference

Bitcoin Conference! Ghana just announced that it will be holding its first Bitcoin Conference on December 11, 2014. This is great news for the region because its economy is among the ...
russia vs bitcoin 2015

Anti-BTC Movement – Russia Bans Bitcoin AGAIN!

Russia Bans Bitcoin AGAIN! Russia is no longer buying into the new crytocurrency known as Bitcoin they were credited by some of creating to dethrone the United Dollar as the world’s ...
bitcoin news papers

Bitcoin News Today – Hottest BTC Round Up!

NOV. 14, 2014 – Bitcoin News – Hottest BTC Round Up! Single Bitcoin Price Will Reach $100,000 OR $1,000,000 Says Fund Manager Raoul Pal, a former manager at Global Macro ...
simon fraser university bitcoin machines atms

First University to Install Bitcoin ATM – Vancouver, Canada Campus

Simon Fraser University Bitcoin ATM Vancouver - SFU in Vancouver, Canada becomes the first major academic institution in the world to install bitcoin ATMs on campus. The ATMs, dubbed ...
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